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Odinn frá Søtofte

Schmalztopf was extremely fortunate to be able to purchase, Odinn frá Søtofte, before he was born, from Rolf's father, Asser Olsen. Rolf has been instrumental for me as a mentor and a good friend for many years. Our Odinn is producing very sweet offspring, also taking after Odinn's sire, the first class stallion, Darri 1021 frá Kampholti.

Ofeigur 818 is key in our horse breeding program here at Schmalztopf, being the sire of the honor prize dam (the only mare judged that outside of Iceland in history) of our Odinn frá Søtofte.

We imported Odinn as a colt from Denmark a decade ago. We purchased him from Asser Olsen, BEFORE he was born, because his mother was out of a fabulous honor prize mare in Iceland, by the honor prize stallion, Ofeigur. Einer Oder Magnusson told me at the Europen Championchampionship that the dam of Princessa frá Stikkishólmi, was the finest mare he had ever ridden. He also thought Princessa was next to her dam in riding qualities.


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